Wednesday, 7 October 2015

enamel 2 - the return - experiments

hello -

More enamelling! I have realised the folly of trying to enamel on pieces that are not fully clean - each layer needs to be pickled, otherwise the enamel will crack - and sometimes it will come away in a large chunk...

I tried a bit of repairing and in one case tried fusing the cracked piece onto another enamelled shape.  I'm pretty sure it will come off eventually, but really like the effect...

 shape of fused enamel on green piece... mmm

the sample on the left is using salt and dry enamel, heavily over-fired

The problem of the Mother Face -- Holes always equal eyes and a mouth. Not what I was aiming for!

some sketchbook work - developing forms and shapes

still from TV programme - love the repetitions