Friday, 4 December 2015

Christmas stuff

We've been making stuff for sale in various Christmas fairs this week.  I'm wondering if the fair at Royal Exchange Square will be on at all this weekend... we have a hurricane blowing outside.  If it calms down by Sunday I will be there manning a stall from 3.30 til 6.30... if you're around, come and say hello?

Here's a few things I put together .  Oh, plus a very out-of-focus shot of the lift sign, which I realised probably influenced my design a bit!

This week has been about trying to do something simple (and often over-complicating it, having to take it apart and do it again).  It's been a useful test of patience and perseverance. 
Silver sheet scored and folded with a smooth hook earwire and platinol patina (dipped).  There's also a couple of different polish finishes underneath the patina which catch the light.

 I forgot to take a photo of the finished items!  Damn.  They have a sparkly finish from the wire polishing mop.

Hmmm!  Did you ever think you had a brilliant idea, then discover a photograph on your camera phone that you'd forgotten about...?
Reticulated silver with white enamel.  Silver ear hooks with granulated silver balls soldered to the backs.