Friday, 27 November 2015

wabi sabi brooch

Here's the process of putting together my wabi-sabi brooch... 
These files are amazing!

Metal master on brass sprue.

The clasp I decided to use as a metal master, so I made a little mould and vulcanised it.  A surprisingly quick process.
here's the wax version ready for putting on the sprue tree!

My favourite part of it is probably the slice of green-coloured resin.  It's green because I was experimenting with natural colouring and tried a tiny bit of spirulina in it... appropriate, I thought!  A happy accident.

Background image is not mine, but an amazing jeweller I saw at Sieraad.
all the bits coming together... at the top is the bit of square wire with a groove filed into it for the tube to sit on.  The tube is to house the brooch pin.
Brooch bits getting acquainted.


  1. Caroline, this is gorgeous!! First chance I've had to really look at your blog. It's beautiful! Can't wait to see your end of year show, Remember and let me know when it is x tracy

  2. Thanks Tracy! Really appreciate your feedback. I'll check on the date but I think it's 17 June... yikes! Not long now! Hope to see you there. x