Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Playing a building

 our set-up... good acoustics in the cloisters

This weekend brought a few new experiences - for one, it's the first time I have been inside Paisley Abbey.  I've been asked to take part in a musical project there with Tut Vu Vu, surrounding a screening of Wings of Desire.  What a venue! 

 The highlight was playing around on the organ. We listened in on the organist practicing and had a play too.  One lifetime's dream fulfilled!

Had a walk on Sunday with two of my favourite people, exploring our neighbourhood.  We discovered a great spot for tea - the vegetable garden at Holmwood House, designed by Alexander 'Greek' Thomson.  Must go back for a proper nose around.

On Saturday I played with the Barrow Band at the Belgrave Hall Real Food Fair, in Leicester.  We had a brief look around the church - I loved the bell tower with its plaques to commemorate the ringers - and swear box!

Friday, 18 September 2015

More wabi, more sabi

 The more you see, the more you see.

This week has been all about the details.  It's pretty hard getting home these days without stopping to take photos... I'm getting funny looks, but it's worth it!

Interchangeable brooch

I'm getting excited about enamelling again... here I've made a simple shape with prongs out of silver rectangular wire.  I chose a triangle... and made each side a different length. 

First step - cutting strips of wire and straightening them out:

This was the point when I realised an equilateral triangle would have been much simpler.  Or better still, a circle?  I carried on - and after much filing got a reasonably good meet.

After soldering - not bad!
Just needed a bit of a straighten and clean up.  Now to work out where to put the prongs:

Only broke one drill bit... :-).  Now for a few sample shapes:

First set of sample shapes fired in with a coat of flux - ready for enamelling next week.  Can't wait to try a few new techniques on them!

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Wabi Sabi in Glasgow City

I didn't know what Wabi Sabi was until today... and yet, here is an idea I've been thinking about for a very long time!  Almost all my life?  Maybe.

It seems to be an expression that is very difficult to pin down - if not nearly untranslatable from Japanese to English.  But here is a very basic interpretation:

Wabi relates to tranquility and simplicity, and can include man-made or natural objects

Sabi contains the idea that an object has gained beauty through age - it has been repaired, or gained a patina through use.

These two words are often accompanied by a third - Suki - which refers to a subtle elegance.  

The three together are taken to sum up the essence of Japanese aesthetics.  

Today's project was to start documenting our 60s built college building, thinking of Wabi Sabi.   This is a start...